Trauma Sensitive Yoga of Ames

Early childhood trauma changes the way we relate to and think about our physical body. Trauma Sensitive Yoga of Ames is committed to helping survivors safely re-connect to their body so that they may more whole-heartedly engage in their life.

Developed at the Center for Trauma and Embodiment, Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is a scientifically proven treatment for PTSD and complex trauma.  Anyone is welcome regardless of physical ability, gender identity, race, religion and ethnicity.

The goals of Trauma Sensitive Yoga are:

  • Practice making choices
  • Being in our body
  • Finding rhythms
  • Taking effective action

We use yoga as a way to notice sensations in our body and to practice making choices that are useful to us.

No prior experience is necessary.

About the Facilitator

Eric Daishin McCabe, Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator, Integral Yoga Instructor, Zen Priest

Eric is a TCTSY facilitator with over 25 years of yoga and meditation practice. He is a Soto Zen Buddhist priest recognized by the Soto School in both Japan and the United States. His 15 years of residential training in Zen temples taught him to love himself as he is (which is an ongoing process), to be considerate and aware of the needs of others (also ongoing), and to appreciate being an integral part of this intricate web of life within planet earth.

He began working with trauma when he was offered an opportunity to teach Zen meditation for residents in a drug and alcohol treatment center. This soon morphed into offering yoga for the residents. His first encounters with trauma included two books that transformed the way he understood addiction: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, by Dr. Gabor Mate, and Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga, by David Emerson. These books helped him to realize that underlying addiction is more often than not early childhood trauma, and that mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation can be used as a means to help survivors notice their physical body and to make healthier choices.

Eric found in the TCTSY methodology a powerful way to relate to survivors that he has documented in a chapter of the new book, Embodied HealingSurvivor and Facilitator Voices from the Practice of Trauma Sensitive Yoga. TCTSY emphasizes the sharing of relational power within the context of a yoga class, which has profound implications for both the survivor and facilitator beyond the class.

Eric uses the principles of TCTSY in working in group yoga settings, private classes, in his work as a Zen Priest, and with college students at Des Moines Area Community College. He lives in Ames with his wife and son.

All classes are online. Practice being in your body, making choices, and finding your own rhythm.


Eric facilitates one-on-one classes that are tailored to the needs of the individual and are affordable. No one is turned away for financial reasons. For more information, please fill out the form below.

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